Behind the Scenes: Jimmy Kuehnle

March 14, 2009

Jimmy Kuehnle in studio Roswell, New Mexico
Jimmy Kuehnle in his studio Roswell, New Mexico

Jimmy Kuehnle with his piece "Walking Fish"
Jimmy Kuehnle with his piece Walking Fish

We started a new short film project in the begining of April that features the work of performance artist Jimmy Kuehnle.This is the first in a series of videos we are creating in collaboration with Glasstire, Texas Visual Art Online.

Angela Walley checking sound during filming
Angela Walley checking sound during filming

We traveled to Roswell, New Mexico to document Jimmy working on his latest inflatable suit Walking Fish. He and his wife Mimi Kato were so welcoming and generous with their time while we were there. Mimi was an Artist-in-Residence there and we were allowed to say in a guest room right next door to Jimmy’s studio. We enjoyed filming in the incredible desert landscape, and had lots of fun exploring Roswell the next day.

Mark Walley documents Jimmy Kuehnle's performance
Mark Walley documents Jimmy Kuehnle’s performance

More recently we documented Jimmy’s performance in the Fusebox Festival in Austin, Texas. The crowd in Austin was very enthusiastic about Jimmy’s suit Big Red despite the powerful wind which made Jimmy’s performance difficult. We completed our shooting today after Jimmy gave an impromptu performance at Hemisfair Park in downtown San Antonio. Watch the completed film below.