Artpace Workshop

October 15, 2009

The Dos and Don’ts of Studio Visits
At the September exhibition opening for Unit B, Gallery Director Kimberly Aubuchon approached us on behalf of Artpace to document their upcoming Artist Workshop: The Dos and Don’ts of Studio Visits. Seeing Art San Antonio founder and artist Donna Simon and Artpace Archivist Kimberly Aubuchon shared their experiences with studio visits, provided insight into how to prepare oneself for a studio visit, and answered questions from the audience.

Before Your Studio Visit
You can start by researching local curators and galleries. By having a better understanding of who is curating what and where, you can start making connections with how your work may fit in. If galleries accept submissions, be sure to follow their guidelines accurately. It’s okay to ask questions before scheduling an appointment with a curator or tour so you’re aware of what’s expected of you.

During Your Studio Visit
Let your work stand out  by displaying it openly, keeping in mind that less is more. Although you want the focus to be on your work, it’s also important that your studio reflect your process. Let your visitor see how you work, they’re not looking for a white cube exhibition space.Be prepared to talk about your work. It could be helpful to revise your current artist statement and to think about technique, medium and process. Our favorite piece of advice was to have a “take away folder” containing your card, CV, recent show postcards, bio and artist statement. It’s a great way for the curator or visitor to remember you by.

After Your Studio Visit
Be sure to keep records of your studio visits for archival purposes. It’s also a good idea to send a “Thank You!” card to your visitor.

Most of the “Don’ts” were almost too obvious for Kimberly and Donna to have to state, but just in case: Don’t gossip, complain, be unprepared, be horribly messy or have distractions (no cell phones!).

Artpace San Antonio
Only since our first trip to Artpace with Jimmy Kuehnle this summer have we realized what an amazing organization Artpace is. We have been able to see first hand all of the wonderful opportunities they give to artists of all levels. News regarding our latest projects with Artpace will be posted soon!


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