The Corn Crib

November 23, 2009
We began working with Ansen Seale in August to document his exhibition The Corn Crib for He had been on a short list of recommended artists Kelly Klaasmeyer had given us early this year and his schedule for The Corn Crib exhibition matched ours perfectly. We had been familiar with Ansen’s work from his River of Light exhibition at Luminaria, Arts Night in San Antonio.We followed Ansen over a few weeks and documented his process of creating slit-scan photographs of corn and the effort it took to create many aspects of the final exhibition. We were there working right along side him in the hot weather preparing for the exhibit and in the rain at the opening.

mark walley

Mark Walley with Ansen Seale

We were invited by Penelope Boyer to screen our completed short film, The Corn Crib, at The Land Heritage Institute’s Art/Sci Symposium held October 24-25, 2009 at the San Antonio Toyota Manufacturing Plant Visitors Center. We were also hired to document the entire two-day long event for Land Heritage Institute. On Saturday we took a Hayride to visit Ansen’s exhibition on the land, the weather was nice and we were excited to know the symposium’s participants had the chance to view the work before learning more about it in our film which was scheduled to screen the following day.

Ansen Seale

Video Still of Ansen Seale from The Corn Crib

It was really incredible to hear captivating presentations by Lucy Lippard, Joan Jonas, Sandy Stone, Leslie Raymond and Sabra Booth over the two day event.  Chris Taylor, director of Land Arts of the American West is running a really amazing program over at Texas Tech University that gives students the chance to live outside of civilization and create work inspired by the land. On Sunday we screened The Corn Crib, and spent the afternoon being given a tour of LHI archaeological sites by Dr. Alston Thoms. Overall it was a really successful event that we were honored to have been a part of. Learn more about the LHI Art/Sci Symposium.

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