Walley Films on Design*Sponge

September 15, 2011

Last month we were interviewed by Design*Sponge for their He Said/She Said feature.
Read the article here.

Walley Films for Deign*Sponge

We spent a lot of time writing our answers about working together. It’s not that often we really think about how we’re able to work together so well and so often. I think it comes from how close we’ve been since the beginning of our relationship, and how we’ve never let that go. We had the most fun creating our handwritten responses to “My favorite thing about my work is…” We wanted to create images that completed that response, but also included the media we work with in some way. Mark’s response was written on a blank DVD among a collection of our DVD films.

Walley Films for Design*Sponge

My response was written on a MiniDV tape from our old Canon camera. Tape is fastly becoming an obsolete media, but we have an extensive library of tapes that we continue to add to. We hope you enjoy reading the article as much as we enjoyed working on it!