Walley Films Best of 2012

December 25, 2012

This year has been incredible. We can’t believe how long ago January feels. Our anniversary is coming up in a couple months and we are thinking about the last 10 years we’ve been together, including this past year. Here are our top 10 favorite moments from 2012. Enjoy!

Jeremiah Teutsch draws Chuck Ramirez photo by Mark Walley

1. Idea Fund Announces 2013 Recipients
The best news we received this year came at the end of November when we were selected as recipients of a 2013 Idea Fund Grant. It’s a great way to start next year by focusing on our documentary following the life and work of the late artist Chuck Ramirez. Learn more at www.TiaChuck.com.

Vincent Valdez still by Walley Films

2. Vincent Valdez: Excerpts for John
Our short documentary film featuring artist Vincent Valdez was one of the most creatively satisfying films we made this year. We began filming Vincent in 2010, but the majority of the film was completed in the months leading up to Vincent’s exhibition at the McNay Art Museum in October. The film was picked up as a Vimeo Staff Pick, featured on Booooooom, and the topic of conversation on Texas Public Radio’s The Newsmaker Hour. Thank you to Vincent and Glasstire.com for your support and patience in making this project. We believe this film was a turning point in our careers as filmmakers. Read more & Watch the film.

Shooting Techniques by Walley Films

3. Shooting Techniques
We absolutely loved working on this collaborative experimental film with our friends Remy, Marisa, Matt, and Jerry. It meant a lot for us to get back to producing a short film and to screen the film in Houston, Texas. Shooting Techniques was produced in association with Aurora Picture Show and the Texas Archive of the Moving Image for Mess with Texas, a screening of new work by Texas-based filmmakers and video artists at Contemporary Art Museum Houston. Read more & Watch the film.

Angela Walley within Reverse of Volume

4. Yasuaki Onishi:Reverse of Volume
Our favorite documentary film produced in 2012 for Rice Gallery followed Japanese Artist Yasuaki Onishi. We enjoyed spending time with Yasu and his assistant Tappei, as they created the mountainous sculpture. The film also received an incredible amount of attention online including a Vimeo Staff Pick. Read more & Watch the film.

Isa Leshko by Walley Films

5. Elderly Animals: Photographs by Isa Leshko
We worked with Photographer Isa Leshko in 2011 and released her documentary film at the end of last year. We we’re thrilled to see the amount of attention the film received at the beginning of this year. The film was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick, and featured on The New York Times, The Atlantic, NPR Picture Show, and My Modern Met. Watch the film.

Remy Bordas Photo by Mark Walley

6. Portrait Series: Magic Hour with Flour 
Last week the field this series was shot in was fenced off and mowed down. It was sad to see this little patch of earth sold, but we’re happy we took advantage of it while we had the chance. The field was also featured in our 2008 short film Journey of the Opportunist, and we had lots of fun taking these photographs with friend and artist Remy Bordas.


Walley Films

7. Interview & Photoshoot: ThrashLab.com
Our favorite interview this year was with ThrashLab.com for their What’s Up series. Thrash Lab’s mandate is great storytelling and high end cultural content. They are powered by Katalyst Network, Ashton Kutcher’s full force creative production company. We also enjoyed taking the photo for the interview in front of our small art collection.


8. Photograph: Jeremiah Teutsch at Sala Diaz
One of our favorite people is artist Jeremiah Teutsch. Jerry was one of the first friends we made in the art community in 2009, and he has been collaborating with us ever since.

Alejandro Sifuentes still by Walley Films

9. Southwest School of Art Documentary Series
Our series with Southwest School began in 2011, and continued throughout this year. We had the opportunity to work with artists Paula Owen, Margaret Craig, Vincent Valdez, Diana Kersey and Alejandro Sifuentes. Watch the series online.

AtticRep still by Walley Films

10. AtticRep: Theatre Worth Talking About & American Buffalo
Our most recent video projects were with AtticRep, a professional theatre company in residence at Trinity University. We really enjoyed working with the Directors, Actors, and Crew to produce these videos. Watch them online.