SAY Sí Workshop

January 24, 2013

We were invited to give a Workshop at SAY Sí, a non-profit after school arts program that provides high school students opportunities to develop their artistic and social skills. Presenting our work to young students is especially meaningful to us since we met when we were juniors in high school and have always had ambitions to work together creatively.

Walley Films SAY Sí Take Away Sheet
Our Program and Take Away Sheet for our SAY Sí Workshop

We put together a special screening of documentary films we’ve produced over the last four years featuring a variety of artists working in a variety of mediums. We also kept in mind different approaches to making a documentary film, from fly on the wall documentation to mockumentaries. Before we got started Mark talked about how incredible the program at SAY Sí is. We wish we had the kind of opportunities and access to equipment they have at such a young age. The students were very attentive throughout our presentation and had lots of good questions and positive feedback.

Walley Films at SAY Sí
Discussing Documentary Filmmaking with SAY Sí Students

After we completed the two hour workshop / screening, we stayed to talk individually with students who had more questions. It was inspiring to hear how ambition and knowledgeable they were. We hope the students enjoyed our time at SAY Sí as much as we did!

Walley Films at SAY Sí
Answering thoughtful questions by SAY Sí Students