Gunilla Klingberg: Wheel of Everyday Life

February 23, 2013

Mark Lee Walley at Rice Gallery

We were so thrilled to continue our series of documentary films following artist installations at Rice University Art Gallery last month. Houston has become our second home and Rice Gallery has been so supportive of our work since we began this series in early 2011. Gunilla Klingberg: Wheel of Everyday life is the fifth installation in our series and it features Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg’s ornate, circular patterns that resemble a sacred mandala, but are constructed from everyday logos and brands.

Gunilla Klingberg at Rice Gallery

Mark Lee Walley at Rice Gallery

We spent a few days in Houston documenting the installation process, interviewing the artist, filming the opening, and capturing the final work. Gunilla’s use of the space was unique to the history of installations at Rice Gallery. She was the first artist to extend her work outside the gallery space into the foyer area and up onto the exterior windows. It made for a beautiful and inviting entrance that pulled you into the space.

Mark Lee Walley at Rice Gallery

We enjoyed our time in Houston working on this project and hope you enjoy the completed film!