Dennis Olsen Documentary

December 25, 2013 — 2 Comments

Dennis Olsen
Dennis Olsen in his home studio

Our friend artist Gary Sweeney invited us to work on a documentary following the work of printmaker Dennis Olsen. Gary did an on-camera interview with Dennis in his beautiful home studio and also did a walk through of his printmaking process. Dennis’ process is so technical and renders some incredible fictive portraits.

Dennis Olsen #walleyfilms
Dennis Olsen interviewed by Gary Sweeney

Dennis Olsen #walleyfilms
Dennis Olsen works in his studio

Dennis Olsen #walleyfilms
Close up of Dennis Olsen’s prints

Dennis Olsen #walleyfilms
Dennis Olsen paints in his studio

Dennis Olsen #walleyfilms
Completed monoprint by Dennis Olsen

Dennis Olsen
Dennis Olsen performs on guitar

Our favorite scenes came from musical performances by Dennis on various instruments. We absolutely love using music performed by the artist in our films, having done so with recently in both Vincent Valdez and Justin Boyd’s documentaries.

Dennis Olsen
It was such a joy to have Dennis show us his many instruments

Dennis Olsen #walleyfilms
Dennis Olsen with his lovely wife Meredith Dean

We hope you enjoy the completed film. View more photos on Flickr. Happy Holidays!

– M&A


2 responses to Dennis Olsen Documentary


    Hi there! Huge fan. Just curious what lights you two use in your interviews. They look great!

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