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Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other features a selection of Idea Fund supported projects. We were selected as 2013 Idea Fund recipients for our upcoming documentary film Tía Chuck. Since we’re currently in production on Tía Chuck, we are screening our short documentary film Justin Boyd: Sound and Time to represent our documentary work. Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other includes works on view at DiverseWorks, Project Row Houses, and Aurora Picture Show. Read more about the series of exhibitions and screenings.

Justin Boyd: Sound and Time
Video Still: Justin Boyd: Sound and Time

Aurora Picture Show Screenings
Saturday, June 28th at 7pm
2442 Bartlett St.
Houston, Texas 77098

Angela and Mark Walley (Walley Films), Justin Boyd: Sound and Time (2013 Idea Fund): In this short documentary, artist Justin Boyd, Department Chair of Sculpture and Integrated Media at Southwest School of Art, shares his connection with sound and how he uses it to create original works of art.

Madsen Minax, My Most Handsome Monster (2013 Idea Fund): This work documents two separate BDSM scenarios and morphs the landscapes in which they take place. The scenarios collide with archival family footage, landscape meditation, and voice over narration to suggest a state of suspended engagement and a gesture toward collective histories and imagined futures.

Kara Hearn, The Need for Grand Emotion (2009 Idea Fund): In this series of staged dramas reminiscent of classic anxiety dreams, 30-year old Will inexplicably finds himself back in high school trying to win the approval of a group of girls. In scenarios ranging from mundane and pathetic to violent and absurd, the character and video work together self-consciously to squeeze authentic experience and emotion from the most artificial and mediated of circumstances.

Stephanie Saint Sanchez, selections from Señorita Cinema (2013 Idea Fund): Señorita Cinema, founded by filmmaker Stephanie Saint Sanchez, is Texas’ first all Latina film festival, with the goal of presenting the rich tapestry of voices, styles, and ideas unique to the Latina experience.

Potter-Belmar Labs (Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens), Thirteen Views in Arid Lands (2010 Idea Fund): This series of 360-degree scrolling Southwestern American landscape videos was shot in time-lapse, using robotic technology designed, built, and programmed by PBL. Texts that appear in the videos were borrowed from and inspired by the reports and journals of U.S. soldiers seeking the last free Apaches in the Southwest in the 1880s, as well as quotations from the Apaches themselves.

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Our exhibition at artist-run space, Sala Diaz will end this week. We are having a closing reception to celebrate the show and we hope you will join us! We had so much fun and put so much work into this show. Included are a series of videos and prints promoting our impossible camera sculpture, the Walley POS-86.

Angela Walley at Sala Diaz
Angela with Walley POS-86 Manual Diagrams (1 of 4)

Mark and Angela Walley: Creation to Consumption
Closing Reception: Friday, January 17th, 2014, 7-10pm
Free and Open to the Public!

Sala Diaz
517 Stieren, San Antonio, Texas 78210
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Artist Statement
Filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley dive into the worlds of video camera invention and commercial marketing for their upcoming exhibition Creation to Consumption at Sala Diaz. The gallery space will be transformed into a product showroom to unveil and demonstrate the WALLEY POS-86, an impossible video camera that represents a reverse trend in consumer electronics. Through the use of sculpture, video, and design, Creation to Consumption satirizes the seemingly interminable production and distribution of new retail electronics.

Special thanks to Mark Menjivar, Sara Frantz, John Totman, and Jeremiah Teutsch


Happy New Year’s Eve! Today we’re taking a look back on 2013. This past year has been an incredible one. We celebrated 10 years together and we released eight new short films which have received over 300 thousand views online. We want to thank our family, friends, and fans for supporting our work. From January through December, here are our top ten favorite moments from 2013, enjoy!

Walley Films Love Birds

1. Our 10th Anniversary Love Birds Print
We collaborated with our friends, artists Marisa Finos and Remy Bordas, to create this love bird print in celebration of our 10th Anniversary. The print is available on our Society6 Shop.

Walley Films Soo Sunny Park at Rice Gallery

2. Soo Sunny Park at Rice Gallery
We’ve been working on a series of short documentary films with Rice Gallery since the beginning of 2011. Our film following artist Soo Sunny Park was our most popular film of the series and our most viewed film of 2013 with 133k plays. Sunny was an absolute delight to work with and we are so happy that her beautiful work has received all the attention it has. The film was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick, tweeted by actor Jared Leto, and stills from our film have had over 95k notes on tumblr. Watch the film.

PechaKucha Night vol 10

3. Walley Films at PechaKucha
Our presentation for PechaKucha San Antonio included 20 second clips from 20 of our short artist documentary films. It was a real challenge to select a 20 second clip that could represent a 5-15 minute film, but our goal was to give the audience a glimpse into the work we’ve made and encourage them to watch the complete films. Watch our presentation.

Walley Films Vincent Valdez

4. Vincent Valdez: Excerpts for John Film Screening in Los Angeles
Our short documentary following artist Vincent Valdez took us to Los Angeles for a screening with the 2013 Texas Filmmakers Showcase. It was an honor to represent Texas Filmmaking in L.A., and to share our film throughout it’s festival run. In addition to the 51k views the film has received online, the film screened at CineFestival, Dallas VideoFest, and the Houston Cinema Arts Festival. It has also just been selected as the San Antonio Current’s Best San Antonio Film of 2013. Watch the film.

MOSAIC at Blue Star

5. MOSAIC Documentary
We loved working with the MOSAIC program at Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum. The vision and guidence of artist Alex Rubio along with the talent and dedication of the MOSAIC students is inspiring. Watch the film.

Walley Films featured on L'Oeil de Links Canel +

6. Walley Films on L’Oeil de Links
We were interviewed on French TV Show L’Oeil de Links discussing our film following Soo Sunny Park. As we mentioned above, we were so proud of the attention that film garnered, including this Canal + interview. Watch our interview on L’Oeil de Links.

Justin Boyd: Sound and Time

7. Justin Boyd: Sound and Time
As part of our documentary series with Southwest School of Art we worked with Sound Artist Justin Boyd. We really enjoyed collaborating with Justin to bring his process to film. In one of our favorite scenes we filmed this year, our friend artist Karl Frey’s son Vonnegut plays a young Justin while the artist discusses an early memory of sound growing up in Fort Stockton, Texas. The film was selected as our second Vimeo Staff Pick of the year and has received over 61k views. Watch the film.


8. Gaia at Rice Gallery
We continued our series for Rice Gallery with Baltimore-based street artist Gaia as he created his installation Marshland. We absolutely loved working with Gaia and his assistant Nanook. The film was our most dynamic Rice Gallery film, including footage around the Rice University campus, downtown Houston, as well as stop-motion techniques of Gaia’s process. Watch the film.

WalleyPOS-86, by Mark and Angela Walley

9. “Creation to Consumption” at Sala Diaz
Sala Diaz curator Hills Snyder invited us to step outside of our comfort zone to create our installation “Creation to Consumption”. We transformed the gallery space into a product showroom to unveil and demonstrate the WALLEY POS-86, an impossible video camera that represents a reverse trend in consumer electronics. Read more.

Dennis Olsen #walleyfilms

10. Dennis Olsen Documentary
Artist and friend Gary Sweeney invited us to produce a short documentary following printmaker and musician Dennis Olsen. Dennis’ process is so unique and we really enjoyed filming his musical performances on various instruments. Watch the film.

Our favorite moments of 2013 happened when we screened our films. From SAY Sí and MOSAIC classrooms, our PechaKucha presentation, an artist’s home, to L.A. – screenings gave us a chance to experience our work alongside those who mean the most to us. There’s no way to explain the joy we feel when an artist or audience reacts to our films through laughter or tears. Thank you to everyone who has watched, shared, and given us feedback on our films. Here’s to an even more exciting 2014!

– M&A